Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Faculty, Student Attend FACDIS Workshop

Professors of World Languages and Cultures Joseph Lovano and Harald Menz  and Professor of Business Anju Ramjee, together with Visiting Fulbright Scholar Muna Al-Merri of Bahrain and German exchange student Tina Rauschenbach of Heidelberg, participated in the FACDIS 31st Annual Workshop in International Studies November 3-4. The event was titled “Technology:  Its Impact on Global Politics, Economics, Education & Culture” and was held at the Lakeview Resort and Conference Center in Morgantown, W.Va. The annual workshop focused on the following four sessions:  “Exploring Interdisciplinarity-Promises and Challenges,” “Technology and Society in the 21st Century,” “Technology and Intelligence,” and “New Media, New Wars, New Middle East.”  FACDIS is the West Virginia Consortium for Faculty and Course Development in International Studies.