Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Library Hosts Murder Mystery Party

The T.W. Phillips Memorial Library held a Murder Mystery event on the night of April 16. Based loosely on the board game "Clue," guests enjoyed food and refreshments before breaking up into search parties. Each team journeyed through the library locating hidden clues to help them discover "whodunit." Once each team located their set of 15 clues, they raced to solve the mystery. The first team to correctly identify the suspect and the weapon received iTunes gift cards for their successful sleuthing. Several murder mystery themed door prizes were awarded and all guests received party favors including the symbolic magnifying glass. Reviews of the evening were extremely positive. The Murder Mystery event was envisioned, organized, and hosted by the library's Student Supervisors: Eileen Campbell, Taylor Morris, Catherine Papp, Nicole Salopek and Emily Sechrest.