Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Internships Provide Invaluable Workplace Experience for Bethany College Communications Students

Experience breeds skill. That’s what 12 Bethany College communications majors are learning through their summer internships in print, social media, radio, television and public relations.

Department of Communications and Media Arts Chair and Director of Internships M. E. Yancosek Gamble said, “Learning about your field, applying critical thinking skills from the classroom and gaining valuable work experience are just three reasons why we require our students to have at least one internship.”

“An internship crystallizes the classroom experiences and practical skill sets and allows students to be amazed both by what they do know and what they don’t,” said Gamble.

The 12 students represent approximately 20 percent of Bethany’s currently enrolled communications majors. A requirement for graduation from the department, the internships act as a rite of passage for students ready to apply the abilities they have developed in the classroom to real-world situations. And, while they give students exposure to a broader collection of media experiences than they have had in the past, the internships also give soon-to-be graduates the opportunity to focus their interests and finalize their immediate career goals.

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