Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bethany Hosts Annual West Virginia Regional Planning Conference

From May 15-17, 81 federal, state and local representatives met at Bethany College's Mountainside Conference Center to hear strategic program updates and to informally exchange ideas and practices.

Hosted by the Brooke-Hancock Regional Planning and Development Council, all 11 regional councils were represented while key presentations were made by the West Virginia Development Office and West Virginia Broadband Mapping Program. West Virginia's regional councils were created from the 1971 West Virginia Regional Planning & Development Act.

The Act mandates that West Virginia be divided into 11 regions to serve as "development districts" to more effectively use the State's resources and maximize small communities chances of attracting federal dollars. Given the uniqueness of the Conference Center, the rural beauty of Bethany and the relevance of presentations, the event received high marks from conferees.
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