Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taiko Drumming Group Performs

The group was formed out of the Bethany College Japan Outreach program. The group drums to promote awareness and understanding of Japanese culture. Taiko drumming is powerful, dynamic and fun.

Bethany College Taiko Drumming Group was the main performer for the Multicultural Day at Brooke High School on February 17. The group gave superb performance and received standing ovation.

The group members performed at Brooke High School were students George Cothran, Chelsea Marshal, Jamez Murray-Earliwine, Ashley Pack and Khristian Smith and professors Fujiko Sawtarie, Melanee Sinclair and Sachiko Wood. Nobuyuki Tanaka is the coordinator for the group.

The group is also invited as a main performer for the Cherry Blossom Festival at Ohio University, Athens Ohio,  on April 15.