Thursday, March 8, 2012

Faculty Spotlight

Business and Economics
David Youngberg, Assistant Professor of Economics attended the 23rd annual Teaching Economics Conference at Robert Morris University last week. The conference was designed to address the interests of teachers of college level economics. Participants at the first twenty conferences represented over 100 colleges and universities from 35 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. Participant presentations were included as complements to the scheduled speakers. Speakers at past conferences include Stanley Brue, James Buchanan, David Colander, Susan Feiner, Robert Frank, Denise Hazlett, Campbell R. McConnell, Michael Salemi, Phillip Saunders, Bradley Schiller, John Siegfried, William Walstad, and Michael Watts.

Social Work
Katherine Shelek-Furbee, Chair and Professor of Social Work, and Melanee W. Sinclair, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Field Placements, attended a training session sponsored by the Council on Social Work Education on February 24 and 25 in Alexandria, Virginia. The two-day training will provide the basis for beginning the self-study due in April 2013. The Council on Social Work Education has accredited the Social Work Program since the 1983-84 academic year.

Bethany hosts The Pittsburgh Fellows
On Tuesday, February 21st, Bethany College representatives and students met with Becca Chapman, Director of The Pittsburgh Fellows. The Fellows is a nine-month, post-graduate leadership program “pursuing the goal of raising up the next generation of ethical and values-driven leaders in all sectors of society who have fully integrated their faith with their calling.”Today, more than ever before, there is a clear need for ethical leaders in the business world.

The Pittsburgh Fellows program offers college graduates the opportunity to launch their careers through a nine-month paid internship while further developing their Christian leadership skills. Each Fellow works Monday through Thursday in an internship position with a local business chosen to match the fellow’s interests and qualifications, then joins the other Fellows in graduate level Leadership Formation and Christian Studies courses on Friday, earning 12 graduate credits from Trinity School for Ministry. Throughout the nine-month program there are opportunities to attend national and regional conferences, paid for by The Fellows program. Fellows also participate in weekly service activities and meet with a mentor bi-weekly for encouragement and support. Once weekly dinners bring the Fellows together for bonding and relaxation. Housing is provided at no charge, the program covers travel and education costs, and each Fellow receives an $18,000.00 stipend to cover food and personal expenses.

Many Pittsburgh Fellows continue in their employment at the end of the nine months, while others make contacts leading to full-time employment.  Employers love the solid character and excellent preparation of students who come through this program. Most Fellows alumni have settled in the Pittsburgh region and are now contributing positively to the business climate in our city. This is a wonderful opportunity to you're your career off to a solid start by developing professional connections and adjusting to life a beautiful and growth-oriented city.

For more information about this post-graduate internship opportunity, go to or contact Becca Chapman directly at