Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Football Team’s Boomer and Books Program Serves Community During Offseason

Bethany’s football team has stayed very busy this offseason — and not only with work in the weight room and classroom. Community service in the offseason is a major focus for the Bison, and the “Boomer and Books” read-aloud program continues to be a favorite of local elementary schools and Bethany players alike.

Boomer and Books puts Bison players into Ohio Valley elementary schools to read to students from preschool through third grade. Players read books to the students, give a message about the importance of education, and answer questions from the kids.  After the books are finished, students are allowed to try on a real Bison helmet and meet the team’s mascot, Boomer.

The first stop for the program this spring was Franklin Primary School in Wellsburg on March 4. The Bison traveled to Corpus Christi school in Warwood on March 11. Several other visits are planned for the remainder of spring.

“We’re very proud of Boomer and Books. The young kids have a great time when our players come in, and our guys love doing it. It’s one of our events that when we ask for volunteers, we have to tell some guys no because the response is so great,” said Bethany Football Head Coach Tim Weaver. “Giving back to the community is very important to us. Many people have sacrificed to support our program’s efforts, and our staff and players appreciate it and try to do what we can to help the local area in whatever ways we can.”